Betonsa is the ready-mixed concrete
brand of Akçansa Çimento.



We ranked third in the Innovative Environment Friendly Product category in 14th Environment and Energy Awards of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) with 100+ Beton*, our customer centric special innovation product developed for projects with a service life of 100 years and more.

*Specially developed for the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project by Turkey’s leader construction materials company Akçansa, 100+ Beton is a special product produced with low alkali special cement and mineral additive, and developed for the projects with a service life of 100 years and more.

Environment Awards

All the facilities are being audited with the audit booklet containing 50 questions prepared by the THBB Environment Committee based on the environmental permissions, water, waste, emission, soil, and other regulations. Audit team is consisted of three members. Member companies of the environment committee have an auditor pool consisted of environmental experts. 2 persons are elected by lot from the auditor pool, and one person attends to every audit as the witness auditor. The audit process contains field and document controls. Facilities with highest score at the end of the audit are assessed by the Board of Directors of THBB, and are entitled for receiving an award. In short, facilities are audited in every aspect regarding environment-friendly production, and the THBB Environment Committee chooses the facilities ranking among the top three.

In the 5th Green Point Environmental Award, our 3rd Bridge Project Facility in Garipçe received second place award, as well as International Representation Award. (In the history of the contest organized since 1998, for the first time a project facility, which is so sensitive due to its proximity to Bosphorus, has received this award.)

Samsun Ready-Mixed Concrete had won the first place award in 4th Green Point Environmental Contest.

OHS (Occupational Safety Awards)

“Blue Barrette Occupational Safety Contest”, a first in the ready-mixed concrete industry in Turkey and Europe, continues under the leadership of THBB. Our Büyükçekmece and Edremit Ready-Mixed Concrete Facilities ranked among the top ten in the first year of the contest (2010). And we ranked among the top ten with our Büyükçekmece, Kemerburgaz, and Samsun Ready-Mixed Concrete Facilities in the 2nd Blue Barrette Occupational Safety Contest (2013).