R&D Activities

Betonsa High Technology Laboratories

Our R&D Activities

Progress of the technologies related to concretes, cements, aggregates, chemical additives, and mineral additives are continuously monitored at the Betonsa Technology Center, and new products are developed according to the technological progresses and market needs. New products are tested under laboratory and field conditions.

Recipes of the products are optimized by taking the needs and problems of the industry into account, and optimum product design works are continued at the Betonsa Technology Center laboratories without making any compromise from quality. Criteria determining the decision for using the materials supplied to our facilities, as well as the analyses performed to see whether they meet the relevant standards are also carried out at the Betonsa Technology Center laboratories.

Betonsa Technology Center Laboratory performs more than 1.000 concrete tests annually within the scope of R&D works, recipe optimization efforts, and special product works. These tests are consisted of Special Product Tests, Aggregate Performance Tests, Cement Performance Tests, Chemical Additive Tests, Mineral Additive Tests, and Project Special Solution Tests. In addition to these tests, Aggregate Pollution Tests (Blue Methylene, Sand Test, Sand Equivalent, CaCO3 Determination), and Aggregate Sieve Analyses are performed periodically at the Betonsa Technology Center Laboratory. Number of tests performed annually together with these tests is more than 3.000.

While R&D and optimizations works continue at the laboratory, some of these works are prepared as articles or manifestos in cooperation with the universities, and these publications are shared with platforms such as national/international technical congresses, seminars, and symposiums, and are also published in sector journals.

Within the scope of university cooperation, Betonsa has provided material support to several Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree theses in İTÜ Construction Materials Department to date. Since 1996, Betonsa Technology Center has published several joint national and international conference manifestos with İTÜ. These publications reflect the optimum designs in terms of mechanical specifications, durability, and cost, and receive interest in the industry.