Quality Activities

Betonsa High Technology Laboratories

Quality Activities

Progress of the technologies related to concretes, cements, aggregates, chemical additives, and mineral additives are continuously monitored at the Betonsa Technology Center, and new products are developed according to the technological progresses and market needs. New products are tested under laboratory and field conditions.

Within the scope of Regional Quality Expertise, it encompass activities such as;

Researching new raw material sources, and approving their usability,

Performing quality checks on the raw materials purchased for the facilities, and approving whether they can be used in production,

Creating concrete recipes without compromising from quality and standards, optimizing them and developing special designs based on customer requests and needs,

Carrying out fresh and hardened concrete tests by obtaining samples of suitable concrete, which comply with standards, from daily-produced concretes,

Taking witness samples for Construction Inspection laboratories,

Resolving customer complaints regarding the quality of concrete,

Providing customers technical support and training on concrete in cooperation with the Betonsa Technology Center,

Maintaining the facilities for quality and system inspections (i.e. KGS, TSE, ISO 9001) at all times,

Contributing to the strengthening of the image and reputation of the company by establishing close relations with construction inspection organizations, independent laboratories, the Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers, universities and customers.

BİGS – Concrete Business Processes Development and Integration System

It was launched in July 2011 through a joint initiative with Vur-Mak company. BİGS ensured meeting the requirements of the ready-mixed concrete business line, improving the business processes and establishing controllable mechanisms, improving the reporting and analysis quality, and converting the data flow between the applications into electronic.

QDMS – Quality Document Management System – Integrated Management System

Launched in 2003, Integrated Management System ensures that all Betonsa business processes are solved  quickly, and stored in electronic media. QDMS allows quickly sharing the revisions of production, quality, OHS and environmental standards and procedures, and compliance with revised standards at every stage. Customers are supported in every matter by recording the customer complaints and finding exact solutions. Endeavoring to being sustainable not only in production, but in every line of business, Betonsa prevented paper waste by keeping all records electronically, and has established protecting the environment and green as one of the most important principles.