Quasar İstanbul

With art, culture, fashion, and nature in the center of life, Quasar Istanbul is the first real estate project bringing the DGNB Gold Certificate, a German Sustainable Building System Certificate, to Turkey.

Project Details

Turkey’s and world’s first meta-luxury project, Quasar Istanbul aims rediscovering the true luxury, and while realizing this objective, it has preferred the special products of Betonsa by prioritizing quality.

  • Total volume: 160.000 m3
  • Products used: C50/60, Viskobeton, Yeşilşap
  • Employer: Viatrans AŞ- Meydanbey Partnership
  • Project Years: 2013-
  • Project type: Housing
  • Project location: Mecidiyeköy
  • Ready-mixed concrete facility: Ayazağa, Kemerburgaz