Specially developed for the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project by Turkey’s leader construction materials company Akçansa, 100+ Beton is a special product produced with low alkali special cement and mineral additive, and developed for the projects with a service life of 100 years and more.



100+ Beton

  • It has the durability suitable for structures with a service life of 100 years.
  • It maintains the durability of the project requested to have a service life of 100 years and more.
  • It does not allow the penetration of seaborne harmful chlorine ions to the reinforcement.
  • Its hydration temperature can be controlled.
  • It can be pumped to any height requested.
  • All components can be monitored and tested retroactively.
  • It is possible to apply revisions, when needed.
  • It is developed in line with Akçansa’s environmental policy.

65% ground blast furnace cinder (GBFC) and 35% 100+ Cement has been used as a binder in the production of 100+Beton. For aggregate, washed crushed stone supplied from aggregate resources, which have passed the durability tests and approved by independent laboratories, have been used.

  • Maximum C2A content:  8%
  • Maximum total equivalent alkali content: 0,6%
  • Mgo content: Maximum %3
  • Chloride content that dissolves in acid: Maximum 0,1%

Reliable offering 100-year service life criteria with the special raw materials used in production, 100+Beton has high water tightness and durability specifications. Chloride permeability coefficient is maximum 3*10 m/s.

Houses and similar reinforced structures generally have an economical service life of 50 years. More important structures such as bridges, dams etc. are expected to serve for a longer period, such as 100 years, without causing any problem.

  • With its long service life, 100+ Beton contributes to local economical development without requiring maintenance.
  • 65% ground blast furnace cinder (GBFC) is used as a binder in the production of 100+Beton. Thus;
    • It provides a significant contribution in terms of industrial waste management.
    • Life-span of the natural resources will increase.
    • Need for fuel and energy to be used for cement production will decrease.
  • Carbon emission is being reduced approximately by 40% by using 65% GBFC as a binder in concrete production.
  • Consequently, this environment-friendly product will contribute to the national action plan in combating with climate change, and for low carbon development strategy.
  • With its durability for more than 100 years, 100+ Beton is an environment-friendly product that carries the significant reinforced concrete projects to the future.