Dekobeton offers both a beautiful appearance and an ease of application with its stamped concrete technology. Our stamped concrete brand Dekobeton can be applied in various colors and patterns, and gives the appearance of natural stones like granite, and does not cause collapsing, slipping, stain, and color fading. Dekobeton is “a technology respecting the traditions and culture” by giving an old and used appearance to the ground by applying antique effect chemical to the surface. Dekobeton’s fields of applications include gardens, parks, pool sides, city recreation fields, landscaping, roads, marinas and piers, shopping malls, parking lots, and gas stations.

Elegance in concrete

Challenge your dreams. Dekobeton adds value to your environment with limitless color options, and special designs.

Maintenance friendly Dekobeton is your solution partner in the projects with its alternative product range for all places.

Dekobeton adds value to your project. It is an affordable floor covering system that can be used easily in open areas with its resistance against environmental conditions, its natural texture, and its long service life.

Dekobeton adds a new identity and appearance to the parks, streets, and avenues. It saves from your operating costs by putting an end to the problems arising from environmental impacts such as collapsing, slipping, alteration, wearing, and puddles.

Unlimited creativity for the walls; For living walls…

Dekoduvar’s impressive pattern and texture options give life to any kind of house, architectural project, and environmental projects.

Harmony of stones with concrete

Enrich your designs by combining natural stones with your project. Dekopak is your solution partner for the projects with its ease of use and alternative designs.

You will not feel like you want to step on it…

Dekopoli is the most affordable way of making a difference in the designs of spaces. It reflects your taste with different color options, and arouses all the interest.

Life is colorful

Integrating the colors of life with your design, Dekorenk offers you an opportunity for unlimited creativity.

There is no limit in service…