Drabeton is the steel fiber-reinforced concrete product of BETONSA. It is produced in the Betonsa Ready-Mixed Concrete facilities by using Dramix steel wires. Steel wires are reliably distributed by being controlled in every direction of the concrete, including the surface and edges. Thus, a three-dimensional reinforcement system is obtained with Drabeton. As a result, this concrete resists complicated loads, and significantly reduces the cracking risk.


  • Dramix steel wires produced by Bekaert, the biggest wire producer of the world;
  • Comply with TS 10513 standard.
  • Are a C1008 class special steel wire with low carbon.
  • Have a tensile strength that is two times better than St IV-b steel used in making steel mesh. (1100 N/mm2)
  • Provide the best anchorage for the concrete with their hooked structure on the ends.
  • Ensure quick, easy, and smooth mixture as a result of dissolving of glue when the steel wires glued with the special glue are added to the concrete.
  • Quickly and homogeneously disperses in the concrete.

  • Ground concretes
  • Screed and protection concretes
  • Field concretes
  • Factory grounds
  • Parking lots
  • Concrete roads
  • Gas stations
  • Stock fields
  • Jointless ground concretes
  • Cold storage room grounds
  • Flooring screeds
  • Topping concretes
  • Port coatings
  • Shipyards

It is practical, because it saves time compared to the steel mesh applications. It is practically difficult to place the reinforcement correctly in steel mesh applications. In Drabeton, steel wire reinforcement is equally dispersed in all directions.

It is affordable, because construction time shortens and saving is ensured in labor as Drabeton does not required additional reinforcement. In addition to this, Drabeton saves from labor in design, drawing, measuring, cutting, welding, stocking, placing, and auditing stages compared to traditional reinforcement. Slab thickness is reduced with Drabeton, thus the total cost decreases.

It has a long service life, because Drabeton increases the ductility. Energy absorption capacity of the ground concrete increases. Thus, the service life of ground increases. Cracking control is provided by the steel reinforcement dispersing to entire section. Cracks based on temperature change and different hardening processes are eliminated. Steel wires prevent the crack from growing by acting as a bridge on the crack tending to grow. Consequently, durability of the concrete increases. It displays high resistance against dynamic loads and shocking impacts. Ground concretes with wider joint spaces are obtained with Drabeton.

  • Drabeton is prepared at the Betonsa Ready-Mixed Concrete Facilities.
  • Concrete is poured by using pump and transit-mixer.
  • Vibrating template is used for leveling the surface.
  • Mechanical finishing can be applied during the hardening of concrete.
  • Hardening agent can be used on special surfaces.
  • After surface finishing, cure/wet protection can be applied on the surface.
  • Grooving is made after 1 to 3 days.