It is a light product of Betonsa for insulation. It weighs one fourth of normal concretes and screeds. It is fluid while fresh, and can be pumped with screed or concrete pump.

İzobeton is consisted of cement, fine aggregate (sand), lightweight aggregate, and chemical additives. Lightweight aggregate used is expanded polystyrene (EPS). Cellular structure of EPS brings both lightness and thermal insulation and sound absorption to İZOBETON.


  • Screed and filling applications for avoiding unnecessary loading of the existing structure
  • Partition walls and floorings of prefabricated structures requiring thermal insulation and sound absorption
  • Leveling protection concrete on or under the water insulation layer
  • Repairing of old grounds requiring filling and do not cause any expectation for high resistance

  • It preserves the temperature thanks to its thermal insulation. Thus, it ensures less fuel is consumed, and contributes to the ecological balance of the environment by reducing the carbon dioxide.
  • It saves from labor thanks to its lightness and easy processability.
  • It minimizes the noise pollution with its sound absorption.