Polarbeton is a cement based construction material produced with Polarfox special agent and has high thermal insulation property.

Produced in cooperation with BETONSA and Forta İnşaat, Polarbeton is particularly used for the insulation of the floors of high-rise buildings, and becomes an indispensable construction material of high quality structures with several advantages it brings.

Polarbeton has a production process consisted of three stages. In addition to this, it also offers an on-site integrated and standard solution.

Produced with the special agent Polarfox, Polarbeton ensures that both the concrete weighs very light and the insulation is very effective with the spherical air spaces in its structure.

  • Both with its raw material and the saving it provides in the energy cycle of the structures, Polarbeton is environment-friendly in every aspect. As carbon emission is a very important issued today, Polarbeton meets all the criteria in the construction of the structures according to the energy performance regulation, and is the indispensable material for the green buildings considering the environment and the future.
  • On the contrary to the XPS insulation material, Polarbeton is applied at once. It functions both as a screed and an insulation material without requiring a secondary screed application, and makes you save more than 50% in time. And the application is carried out with much advantageous costs as the material used decreases.
  • Polarbeton offers a perfect service. All you have to do is to notice the advantages of Polarbeton in the insulation of floors. And the rest is to enjoy the turn-key delivery service with Polarbeton assurance.
  • Polarbeton is extremely light. It does not bring any further load to the structures which are already bearing high amounts of loads. Particularly for the high-rise buildings, it brings great advantages in terms of maintaining the structural integrity.
  • Polarbeton is a sustainable insulation solution. It continues performing as in the very first day without requiring any maintenance or repairing throughout its service life. It does not require operational cost, and is a unique sustainable insulation solution.