Viskobeton is the self-compacting concrete product of BETONSA with several advantages over traditional concrete.

Produced for projects requiring C40/50 and higher durability classes and for all reinforcement projects, Viskobeton provides a spaceless section by quickly passing through the reinforcements with a minimum dispersion of 65 cm without decomposing, despite its fluidity, and without requiring compacting with vibrator.


Offering various advantages and conveniences to the users with several outstanding features, Viskobeton;

  • has fluid consistency.
  • has high cohesion.
  • does not require placement and compacting by vibrator.
  • is self-compacting.
  • remains stable without decomposing.
  • can be easily processed.
  • facilitates the surface leveling processes.
  • is easily pumped.
  • has adequate processability time without losing consistency.
  • quickly passes through the close reinforcements

    provides a spaceless and smooth surface.

Offering outstanding durability with its low space structure, Viskobeton shows a significant increase in water tightness, shrinkage and swelling same with normal concrete, and high durability against external factors.

Offering successful results in most challenging areas with its outstanding ease of use, Viskobeton can be easily used in;

  • All horizontal and vertical components instead of standard concrete,
  • Reinforcement projects,
  • Compactly reinforced locations,
  • Downtowns, concrete pouring at night,
  • Situations where it is not possible to use vibrator,
  • Difficult and inaccessible moulds, and
  • Concrete components requiring aesthetic and architectural freedom.

Viskobeton saves from labor as it does not require using a vibrator, prevents the wearing of mould, and ensures noise-free concrete pouring at downtowns and settlement areas. Thus, the concrete pouring team is not affected by the vibration and noise of the vibrator, and established a better communication, and a safer work environment is ensured.