Yeşilşap is the “Green, Light, Ready-Mixed Screed” product produced by BETONSA. Yeşilşap has up to 35% lower CO2 footprint thanks to the cements with special mineral additive used in its production, and has air entrained up to 25% thanks to special chemical additives and thus has lower unit weight. With its easy pumpability and practical use properties, Yeşilşap is a new generation product offering complete solution in screed production. Putting an end to transporting sand, cement and water to the construction sites, preparing rule of thumb mixtures at the construction site, and producing screed with classical methods, Yeşilşap is produced homogeneously and standardly with BETONSA assurance.


  • Environment friendly.
  • Ensures up to 35% less CO2 emission in total.
  • Reduces construction site traffic and pollution.
  • 25% lighter than traditional screeds.
  • Contributes to the earthquake resistance of the structure by reducing the equivalent earthquake load.
  • Reduces the risk of cracks thanks to its air spaced flexible structure.
  • Contributes to thermal insulation of the structures.
  • Provides 20% saving in labor cost with its practical use.
  • Reduces the total cost as there is no wastage in the material.
  • Reduces the total project time with its quick application advantage.
  • Provides 25% more m2 production in unit time.
  • Offers homogeneous and standard product.
  • Can be produced in ready-mixed concrete facilities with standard quality and high volumes.
  • Applied with electrically driven screed transfer pumps.
  • Yeşilşap is a screed solution suitable for Green Buildings.

  • It is recommended to be used together with polypropylene fibers in Green Buildings
  • In housing and housing estate projects
  • In ceramic and parquet applications
  • As leveling screed
  • As filling material for prefabricated walls
  • In walling works with materials such as brick, gas concrete etc.
  • In places with high shrinkage crack risk.

  • Using the raw material, energy, and other resources more efficiently.
  • Minimizing the environmental impacts that might arise.
  • Minimizing the losses during and/or after the production.

Produced standardly and homogeneously at BETONSA facilities, Yeşilşap is transported to the construction site with transit-mixer, pumped and delivered to the required height with electrically driven screed transfer pump or concrete pumps, dispersed on the flooring practically with flexible hoses, and mechanical finishing (helicopter) can be applied, if requested, after leveling the surface with trowel.